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Thread: Compatibility with TS-Mux

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    If it works from an MVP it should work from an NMT if the skinning is ok. and populated by the plugin properly.


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    I used a free tool last night to convert a .ts file and it worked well. Give it a try. It will create a DVD directory structure that you can then burn to a disk. It was pretty easy to use and the end result was good quality. No menus, it just auto plays but works well. I tried a few other tools and methods to transcode the file and get it onto a DVD and this is the first one that I cam across that worked.


    I used to use an ATI Mux and the Burndxdx2 and loved it! I was having problems with bad recordings and so I recently switched to the TS mux and I really miss this plugin. It would be nice to see something like this that works for the TS Mux.

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