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Thread: TV Listings 2.10 released

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    Arrow TV Listings 2.10 released


    I've just uploaded v2.10 of the TV Listings plugin at the wiki. Changes include:
    - removed fallback-keymapping if key not found in mapping xml file
    - fixed the ‘Play’ shortcut for currently airing programmes
    - fixed genre colorization when showing recording status colors
    Please note the following things when upgrading:
    - You don't need to overwrite your existing tvlistings.db3 database file
    - GBPVR 1.4.7 is required to use the reminder/pre-book feature
    - The skin.xml file for the tv listings skin was updated since v2.8 of the plugin, so, if you're using another skin than the default "blue" or "slick" (updated version available at the wiki) skin, please wait until your skin officially supports the new version. However, there are no skin changes from v2.9 to v2.10.

    Wiki page:
    Support forum:


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    Thanks alibert for fixing my keymapping issue.
    I will download a try it now.
    Best Regards

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