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Thread: Netflix watch now: known working at the moment?

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    Netflix watch now: known working at the moment?

    Sorry, just confirming. The author postings definitely indicate WIP but some people seem to have this running?

    I have the same issue here as perhaps the item mentioned in "troubleshooting", crash on selecting the plugin from the main menu. It's the same error text, where the fix is to start config, change to windowed mode, run PVRX2 windowed, depart with the exit item, change back to non-windowed.

    I have done all that several times, and changed from internal player to silverlining and back, no change.

    XP here, clean install of 1.4.7, using blue, I'm just loading a few plugins now. IE has my login cookie for netflix.

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    Yes, it still runs. I don't think the Posters and listings are up to date though. Edit Checking <MovieCollection updated="2008-12-20T15:38:53.9691283-05:00"> So it is old now... Bummer.

    Anyway, Do you have the last plugin fix STOP THE RECORDING SERVICE FIRST before replacing the files with these (Make sure you don't have any recordings running)

    You also need this

    You need to install the Silverlight Player also. In config you need to use Silverlight as the player. Netflix website changes do not allow download anymore.

    Also you need to have your RSS ID begining with the letter "P" set in the config.
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