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Thread: Weather 2 Wishlist

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    NPVR Version= 4.2.4_190307
    Intel i7 Quad Core 3200 + 16GB DDR2 Gigabyte Motherboard
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    BlackGold dual DVB T & S tuner
    60Gb SSD System Disk (Raid 1)
    60Gb SSD Recording Cache
    4Tb Media Store (WD Red 4Tb x 2 in Raid 1)

    Raspberry Pi2 running OSMC (Kodi v18.3) x 2
    Raspberry Pi3 B+ running OSMC (Kodi v18.3)

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    It's just the way NextPVR (or I should say .NET) attempts to load assemblies and resolve dependencies. If you do xml (de)serialization in a plugin (like my YouTube plugin), you will also see it looking for [plugin].xmlserializer.dll (or something like that). I never add a custom serialization dll with my plugins.

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