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Thread: XMLs and OSDs

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    XMLs and OSDs

    Hi Guys,

    I recently updated all my video files to include mymovies.xml files and cover art .jpg's.

    It looks fantastic in Slick and Community Skin 4, because all the info is right there and it's a breeze for everyone to use.

    The only downer is that if I play a video file with an .xml file, the information in the .xml file does not appear in the On Screen Display. At least I think it's the On Screen Display -- I'm talking about when a video is playing and if you move your mouse (or hit a button on your remote) a little blue bar pops up with the name of the file, the time, and a timeline of the video being played at the top of the screen.

    My vid library looks somethin like this:

    I notice that with shows I've recorded, during playback their description shows up on the OSD just fine.

    I looked at the recordingdump.xml, and it has the same <description> line as the myvideo.xml, which I got from the sample mymovies.xml code at:

    So is there any way to ensure the description from the myvideo.xml shows up in the OSD or have I missed something?
    And am I right about THAT blue popup being the OSD?

    PS -- apologies for posting this already in the wrong section...

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    yea, that's the osd you see when moving mouse..
    and i second that about seeing info in osd for vid lib..[when info exists]

    may want to add this to the gui improvements thread Sub started..
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    Thanks pBS,

    I was going nuts trying to figure it out

    I see you've added it to the GUI thread, so thanks!

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