This happens from time to time where the Slimm tray icon will not show a program is being recorded.

Don't have alot more to go on. This is what happened this time:
  • I was watching TV in 'Live TV' mode, I know the tray icon was flashing green. GB-PVR went back to the main menu when it was time to start recording the program (no clue what the tray icon was doing but I do know I did not see a yellow bubble saying 'recording has started').
  • I went away from the computer about 30 mins and then came back to the computer. I had to restart the computer so I looked to see if the tray icon was flashing green and it was gray. Restarted.
  • When the computer finished booting up the tray icon was flashing green.

The program was an hour long program but I didn't realize I was only away for about 30 mins till after.

I will see if I can duplicate this and pay closer attention to what happened.

I attached logs.