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Thread: Netflix Watch Now for NMT?

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    Netflix Watch Now for NMT?

    I have been reading alot of posts related to the Netflix Watch Now plugin. It looks like there were versions of this plugin that would run on the an NMT. Because Netflix is now all Silverlight does that kill the PCH (NMT) option for this plugin? I have it set up and I can get some movies to play on my GBPVR server but when I try to play the same movie on the PCH it starts playing on my GBPVR server and not on the PCH. Is there any hope for Netflix on the PCH?

    I have heard that PCH guys are looking into a native Netflix option but it is really a DRM issue.

    Just wondering.

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    You were never able to watch movies on the NMT with this plugin due to DRM. You were able to browse and initiate the downloads but they had to be watched on a PC. We were hoping that the NMT would get support for the Netflix DRM but Netflix moved to Silverlight before it could happen. With Silverlight, downloading is no longer an option.

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    I wonder how the next generation of the popcorn hour is going to support netflix? Syabas pretty much announced yesterday that the popbox will support netflix. Thier forum seemed to imply the C200 would be picking up the new UI that they are showing off on the popbox, so maybe the C200 would have netflix support too.
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