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Thread: [DEV] my apologies....

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    [DEV] my apologies....

    Hey guys,

    I want to apologize for not contributing much of anything to the project. I've pretty well lost all interest in customizing/tweaking GB-PVR. Various conflicts and compromises have left my HTPC functional at a basic level, but unable to achieve much of the vision I had when I first started out. With the loss of the 'dream', I've become content with it as-is which means there's no more energy for changing/improving/fixing anything. It records what it's supposed to most of the time, comskips it pretty well, plays it back just fine. None of the shortcomings are anything you or I could fix anyway. I think you get the idea.

    I appreciate being invited to contribute, and very much appreciate all the work you've already done and are still doing. CS is a worthy project, no installation of GB-PVR is complete without it.

    Future releases of GB-PVR and/or changes in my setup or desires may well re-kindle my interest in the project and get me 'geeked up' about it again. Should I have anything worthy to contribute I'll just post it in this forum for your consideration.


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    No apologies necessary. Usually things change because there is a need. Lack of need=lack of change.

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