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Thread: Wiz Fanart grabber

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    Thumbs up Wiz Fanart grabber

    I got the Wiz Fanartgrabber in this post and have used it of and on since then. So first, thank you for this very useful tool!

    It have done the work well but there are some features that can be enhanced.

    There are three radio buttons: Banner, Thumbnail and Vignette. I don't think they work as they are supposed to. I guess it where supposed to switch between the image categories, but this do not work.

    I suspect that it is difficult to get correct info on the different type of images stored on thetvdb.
    But as it takes a long time to browse the images, my suggestion is that you replace the radio buttons with a dropdown. The dropdown would be populated with as manu integers as there is images for the series.
    Or as alternative to a dropdown, buttons that jump five images at the time (forward and backward).

    The reason for this is that the images I want is usually placed in the middle of all the stored images. So it is no help to be able to jump to the end. I have to step through them all one by one...

    But as i began, the tool have saved me a lot of time when I have added new series. It is simple and there is no need for more features as it does the work well, except the one mentioned above.
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    Great suggestions. I'll keep them in mind the next time I am updating that program.

    I have been swamped with work lately, and am in the process of moving from Washington to California, so my programming time for the next couple months is going to be minimal.
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