Hi, I have just installed and configured the GBPVR program and is working fabulous. I love all the features and easy to navigate menus. Configuring my Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600 internal HDTV card was a snap. The Hauppauge remote works great with all recording and guide features. I have a HP Compaq business tower pc with a P4 processor 2.8 ghz motherboard and 1 gig of ram. My video card is a NVIDIA GE Force 6200 video card.

I was able to use the record features in manual, auto record and quick record. Recorded tv programs well with medium quality. I would like to get the recordings down in size from the usual gig and over files per hour. My goal is to record tv shows for web uploads like megaupload and share with my friends and family but would like to get the files recorded and converted to XviD and in AVI. format with little quality loss.
I have a few questions. If anyone would help I would greatly appreciate it. I included a screenshot.

1. I do not know how to actually have the program perform a conversion in the conversions process mode (XviD) format and would like to test out a show for file size and quality.
2. Is this actually possible to convert recorded shows to Xvid format ?
3. Is there a pluggin for AVI. conversion or maybe GBPVR already can?
4. Is there a pluggin to compress video to avi with XviD codecs with little quality loss. I do know of programs that do this but I was wondering if GBPVR can perform the conversion and compression.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks again my email is oc3ddie@yahoo.com