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Thread: Would Somebody Please Help Me With A WizRenameRecording Problem???

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    Would Somebody Please Help Me With A WizRenameRecording Problem???

    I just did a clean Windows 7 installation, followed by a clean GBPVR installation. I've been having trouble with WizRenameRecording not renaming any files at all.

    I've set GBPVR up a hundred times, and never had a problem before.

    Here is what my postprocessing.bat looks like...

    WizRenameRecording {show}{[ - ]}{episode}

    And here is what the log file looks like, after Wiz fails to rename a file...

    ================================================== =========
    WizRenameRecording - Rename recording files and db entries.
    Run on: 5/14/2010 12:32 AM (v0.2.0.3)
    ================================================== =========

    [0]: {show}{[
    [1]: -
    [2]: ]}{episode}

    ERROR: Invalid parameters. Two expected.
    WizRenameRecording -help for Syntax.
    Complete: 5/14/2010 12:32 AM

    I can manually run Wiz, and it renames the files just fine, using the exact syntax of my postprocessing.bat file.

    Does anybody have any idea what I might be doing wrong???

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    For what you are doing, the syntax is

    WizRenameRecording <filename> <pattern>

    You will probably want this in your batch file:

    WizRenameRecording %1 "{show}{[ - ]}{episode}"

    You need quotes because the command line parser treats spaces as delmiters.

    I usually get the pattern I want working in the interactive version, make sure I save the pattern and that it is selected as the current pattern and then use this in my batch file:

    WizRenameRecording %1 -default

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