Dear all,

please may I first make this comment, which is not to drift off topic for this thread

I always knew from the release of 'N-PVR' that anyone taking up the idea for creating a wiki for it would be up for some question and answers sessions, and I am! But be gentle..... unless you are going to help create a new wiki from scratch, in which case just say 'that's my job' 'f***' off and quite honestly I might!

Please do not EVEN bother responding unless you've spent your time looking at the other threads in documentation etc about a new wiki.... (and I do know that I'm a bit rubbish myself for looking through threads sometimes, sorry Martin!)

  • I would suggest keeping with pmwiki as the wiki engine, but upgrading it to the latest engine, and perhaps with a few more recipes to enhance it even better?

  • I would suggest that at least 4 of us (no more than 6) were enabled as admin to grant wiki publication rights to those that wished to publish to the wiki. (Should anyone get bored of this job they could pass on the mantle to those they thought could carry this on) And please read this correctly, this is admin, we used to ask blader for publication access anyway.

  • The list of 'Link Navs' would be locked by admin and only decided by admin with consultation to enhance the wiki nav experience, in the past the fact that navigation links could be added by anyone I think helped to make the wiki a little more confusing than it should have been.

This is just the start of my enquiry, should I hit a brick wall, just reply, 'Brick Wall'!

My suggestion is to get this running on my local web dev server and when the time is right upload to sub's server with whatever URL N-PVR wiki will end up with. So like the beta play with N-PVR, this is beta play with wiki........