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  • Cinema Listings

    11 34.38%
  • Web Cams

    4 12.50%
  • Community Skin / SkinPlugin

    8 25.00%
  • RSS Reader

    4 12.50%
  • Music Spot

    4 12.50%
  • Mixer

    0 0%
  • Torrents

    2 6.25%
  • Programs

    5 15.63%
  • Other

    2 6.25%
  • Something new!

    2 6.25%
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Thread: McBainUK's first NPVR plugin

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    McBainUK's first NPVR plugin

    Poll will effect (but not decide) my first NPVR project.

    Vote away!
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    Lets get the old crew back together and coax fatman_do out of retirement
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    Just a quick note, if you vote "Other" or "Something New" be sure to add a post explaining your choice.
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    LOL, I voted other but I was hoping you'd just surprise us! Actually, it's not new but I rather like MovieWiz so something along those lines would be nice.

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    I voted for Programs, even though I never used it with GB-PVR because I had to use VMR9 FSE which prevented any use of external apps. Now that I'm finally able to run with EVR, I could use a robust external app launcher. Plus, N-PVR currently lacks any other way to launch an external app since Custom Tasks hasn't made a return yet.
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    Now you've told me what Programs does, I've voted for it too With the lack of any proper Bluray support for TV series, I'm going to have to consider launching PDVD I think and when I tried that from the custom tasks in GBPVR I made a bit of a mess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonx42 View Post
    I voted for Programs, even though I never used it with GB-PVR because I had to use VMR9 FSE which prevented any use of external apps.
    It was easy enough to work around though. Just call a batch file that included the "taskkill" command to close GB-PVR. Then run whatever you need, then have the final step of the batch file reopen GB-PVR. I can post examples if you'd like.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hairy View Post
    lets get the old crew back together and coax fatman_do out of retirement

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    I currently have a mental set of balance scales with NPVR on one side & GB-PVR on the other, as of right now it is still well weighed down on the GB-PVR side (but they are moving in the NPVR direction) & one of those weighing it down is RSSReader.

    I do not expect it to be your first conversion to NPVR but "when" (hopeful look) you do get around to it could you think about adding some way to do a daily update from a batch file like updateepg.bat or postupdateepg.bat & maybe even an (optional) selection within the plugin to only do a partial update of some of the feeds, configurable by the user in some way? The reason I am asking for this is I use it mainly for my daily fix of the funnies & with what I have configured it takes an age to download after entering the plugin (5 to 10 minutes), I also use it for some of the news feeds as well, so what I would like is for it to update all the feeds from a batch file run daily & once I enter for me to be able to update the news feeds real time.

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    It's a tough call as you have created so many excellent quality plugins. I use/used

    # Cinema Listings
    # Community Skin / SkinPlugin
    # Torrents
    and several years ago, the files plugin which is a neat way to dump TV shows onto memory sticks.

    In the absence of an existing external launcher, i would vote for a program plugin so I can call Total Media Theatre to play my blue ray disks.
    Cinema listings was the coolest plugin and I enjoyed using it. torrents was certainly very nice and useful but not essential (as one can just use the mouse and keyboard to control the torrent client)

    I have mentioned it before but I do think there is a case for a media management plugin or plugin-framework so u can select a video or TV recording and then perform a "task" on said file such as:-

    copy/move to device
    pipe to external program or batch (e.g. comskip) as %1
    mark and cut adverts al la skiptool
    burn to dvd (al la burndvd)
    transcode file (with queue system)
    find metadata on the web (wiztools) or grabn image from file (skiptool)
    make the tea
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