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Thread: UltraXMLTV - problem with downloaded series file

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    UltraXMLTV - problem with downloaded series file

    I'm trying to do a new install of UltrXMLTV and when I go to run the app and it download the seriesID file it seems to be corrupt. I'm getting a garbage entry on line 16 of both the TempSeriesID.txt file and the _SeriesID.txt files.

    !sobreviví!=No Data
    "no problem!" with shawn=No Data
    $#*! my dad says=164951
    $..! my dad says=No Data
    $100 makeover=No Data
    $2 bill=No Data
    $40-a-day=No Data
    $5 cover=No Data
    ¡házme reir! y serás millonario=No Data
    ¡mucha lucha=No Data
    ¡mucha lucha!=No Data
    ¡no te lo pongas!=No Data
    ¿conspiración?=No Data
    ¿qué es exo?=No Data
    ¿qué pasa con las cosas?=No Data
    <html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0"></head></html>
    1 litre of tears=83111
    1,000 places to see before you die=83346
    1,000 ways to die=No Data
    Can anyone else confirm that this is happening for them as well?

    I have deleted both the TempSeriesIDs.txt file and all files that begin with and underscore but this did not solve my problem. Any suggestion of how I can get UltraXMLTV to run?


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    I can confirm that that's there... and it will be gone shortly...

    I'm looking at the web check so that this type of thing won't slow us down :-)

    BTW... I have updated the master file and it is now much larger... from 216 KB to 356KB

    Keep watching for and update... probably today...
    Frank Z

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