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Thread: NPVR - No streaming server found!

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    Aug 2006
    Salem, Mass, USA
    Added NRecord.exe to the allowed programs, the K: location is just a separate partition on the local drive (only the one physical disk on TOM-HP)

    You get the drumroll plus the full trumpet flourish - works a treat! Recordings now viewable, as well as live tv working. Also got Web Radio.

    This will make all the difference in the world - to Lucille84. And you'll get the credit!

    It amazes me how responsive the NMT system is compared to the old MVP, astonishing indeed - and I attribute that to you as well.

    FWIW - you deserve the Hall of Fame for all you've done in developing tools and maybe more so for your boundless generosity in helping those of us who desparately need it.

    WIth my deep unabiding thanks,
    TomH - and Lucille84
    /TomH/ Win7 running nPVR 3.1.1 (via NMTInstall2) on HP p6624y AMD AthlonII 635, 8Gb, 1Tb, HVR-2250 (ATSC) + WebRadio, Universe (broken), BlueRetroVE+, TV Listings. SearchLite Network: Cable Modem - Belkin 54g router - box#1 Win7 Next-PVR 3.1.1, box#2 Win7 wireless laptop, and 2x wired eGreat M34A NMT clients

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    Ta da and thanks.


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