Thanks for this plugin Martin - I just loaded it yesterday to check it out and see if would handle a particular style of searching. Alas, it doesn't appear to, but maybe 2.0 will (wishful thinking!)

At present, the better half regularly goes through the EPG TV Guide in nPVR, looking for movies to record from her favorite channels. In the old days when we used paper guides, she'd go through the channel listings containing an alphabetical list of the movie title with descriptions and time, put a ring around the ones to watch.

What I was hoping SearchLite would be able to do is to display a list of shows on a selected (favorites?) channel(s), (ie search for all shows on a given channel, rather than search for a show name) from which one could read the description (as we can now), and chose which epsiode/time to record when there are multiple screenings of the same show. Even better, if the show had already been programed to record, this would be highlighted, so that it won't be scheduled a second time.

Any chance this can be added to the wish list if there is one. I'm willing to offer to help code if it helps