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Thread: NextPVR - Supported Capture Cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snooze View Post
    Reserected from the dead...

    Sony MPEG RealTime encoder board

    Analog only

    <Device filter="SMRT Capture">
    <Name>Sony MPEG RealTime encoder board</Name>
    <FilterEncoder>SMRT Encoder</FilterEncoder>
    Sorry Steeb, I should also mention "Tuner/Capture"
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    SiliconDust HDHomeRun dual tuners in North America. Old model HDHR-US (two inputs and two tuners) and new model HDHR3-US (one input and two tuners) allow ATSC/Digital Cable (Clear QAM) viewing via 100baseTX network. You can have multiple devices on the network and either tuner in anyone of them can be used by any PC on the network. Company's website mentions being compatible with "GB-PVR - DVR for Windows".

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    I have a 'Pinnacle PCTV Dual DVB-T Pro PCI (2000i)' which works for me in NPVR using 64 bit drivers.

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    Having just picked up a Hauppauge HVR-4400, I'd be tempted to change how you list it (and the 4000) ever so slightly, as it only has a single satellite input that is both DVB-S and DVB-S2 capable. Maybe show it as:

    HVR-4400 - PCIe (1 x DVB-S/S2, 1 x DVB-T, Analog)

    Oh, and boy can it change channels quickly, even compared to my existing (relatively speedy) Nova-T USB2. Shame it's so blimming expensive though (because I still want to buy a second one).
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    Thanks for latest input all, will update the list over the weekend.

    Keep 'em coming in



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    Quote Originally Posted by steeb View Post
    Thanks for latest input all, will update the list over the weekend.

    Keep 'em coming in


    I'm waiting for a new hybrid card (analog w/encoder + dvb-t) of dubious brand, will report back when I have tested it

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    You can add Blackgold BGT3620 - PCIe dual DVB-T+DVB-T2; dual DVB-C

    DVB-T & T2 working perfectly. After initial setup 3 months ago not the slightest problem. No DVB-C here so never tested that side.


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    PVR150 analogue PCI
    Hauppage WinTV DMB-T USB2 Stick (Digital)

    Never got to Work
    Magic-Pro ProHDTV Gold / ProHDTV Silver Dual Tuner (Digital)

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    Working well under NPVR - Kworld UB450-T, single tuner DVB-T USB stick.

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    I had used GB-PVR and just recently upgraded my pc's and OS. At this time I figured it was time to upgrade my PVR because GB-PVR was not supporting my new Tuner devices. I had some problems using NPVR at first, but the new version seems to be working better.

    My problem is that NPVR is not recognizing the analog tuner for my devices [(Advantek Networks PCI ATAC Hybrid TV Tuner + Remote) and (WinTV HVR 950q)].

    Here is my configuration:

    I live in West Henrietta NY (near Rochester NY) and my Cable Provider is Time Warner Cable. The apartment complex I live in provide free standard (Analog) cable, and I have not had the need to upgrade and pay for Digital. All the stations I wish to watch are carried on the Analog, plus I also get some unscrambled Digital channels for the local stations.

    MAIN-PC: (new general use and gaming PC - info not needed for this application)

    Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Service Pack 1 with up to date patches
    3.40 GHz AMD Phenom II X4-965
    8 GB Memory
    10 TB Disk (two 1 TB drives and four 2 TB drives)
    DVD/CD LITE-ON 24X DVDRW optical drive
    ASUS M4A87TD EVO 870 CROSSFIRE DDR3 motherboard
    Cooler Master HAF+ 912 case
    External Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950q USB Tuner
    Internal Advantek Networks PCI ATAC Hybrid TV Tuner + Remote
    Monitor 1 - Acer H233H
    Monitor 2 - Samsung 32" LED TV connected with HDMI
    Just installed the new nPVR version 2.0.3

    Note that the Advantek PCI Tuner come with a software application/driver CD that says ArcSoft, and the hardware is recognized at Microtune.

    When I bring up the NPVR settings these are the devices I see (the analog tuner's for both devices do not appear in the list)

    All of these show up Present and Enabled but I do not see any Analog Tuners for these devices. As I do not have digital cable subscription, I would like to know how to get the Analog Tuners for these devices working. MedialPortal that I had also tried was able to see and use the Analog Tuner for these devices, but I could not get the EPG for schedules direct working, that is why I am back to trying to use NPVR.

    ATSC -- Microtune BDA Digital Tuner (no channels found)
    ATSC -- WinTV HVR-950 BDA Tuner (2 channels found)
    Analog -- WinTV HVR-950 Capture (not applicable)
    QAM -- Microtune Dongle Digital QAM Tuner (no channels found)
    QAM -- WinTV HVR-950 BDA Tuner (28 channels found)

    So the bottom line is nPVR does not appear to find the analog tuner for either device. Does anyone know of a way to get this working?

    I am available via Phone, Vent or Teamspeak to talk to you about this, am also willing to help out with documentation.

    Thanks in advance,


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