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Thread: Un-installation of the Weather plugin

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    Un-installation of the Weather plugin

    How do I completely remove (un-install) the Weather plugin?

    I have found Un-installation for the Volume OSD at, but it is specific to directories containing the word "Volume". The Weather plugin installation seems to be much more extensive and gets into into .xml files for skins such as the Main Menu.

    If nothing else, perhaps someone can give the names of top-level directories to do a text search for the word "Weather" to limit my search effort. I can then post my results for others to use if there is no clean un-install process for this plugin developed yet.
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    If the installer completed successfully, the plugin should have been listed in both the Add/Remove programs, and an uninstaller link should have been created under the NPVR directory. This is how NSIS was configured.

    If it's not in either of those places, you can just delete the Weather directory under the NPVR user plugin directory.

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