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    You may want to look at setting in the registry and use regedit to give the other users permissions to the hive settings, I find this can happen if admin rights are needed with some apps. It seems the more security they apply to our OS the more we have to fix things. :-)

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    Hi. I recently installed this package on a windows 10 home system with all updates applied on Jun 29. OS build 17134.137. The reason for my trying it was that it had been recommended that having updated LAV filters in addition to the manufacturers Hauppauge decoder may resolve a problem I was having with STOPping live TV and returning to the main menu as NPVR would hang on a black screen on STOP command but not crash - as a <enter> or two would always return you to live tv. The good news was that SAF6 install solved the problem (regardless of the codec used including the Hauppauge one) but also created an issue that Windows 10 System Restore would not function anymore. Restoring attempts all fail to restore the system to an earlier time with error code 0x80070005. There were no intervening updates or software added to the system before running restore so its a pretty fair conclusion to draw.

    While I have finally recovered from this issue by using safe mode to restore my system to before installing Saf6 I thought I would ask the question of is saf6 actually compatible with the current windows 10 in view of the fault I observed? The latest saf6 update 6.3.2 is from sept 2016 which is a lifetime ago wrt w10. It also may not be a bad idea to rerun your Softpedia cleandownload test and get a current report.

    I am now using OS build 17134.165

    One odd behaviour I noticed of Saf6 was that while installing it was reporting attempting to install windows software as far back as the year 2003. What value would that be on a system 18 years newer?

    Many thanks for all your hardwork over the years building and maintaining this software.

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