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Thread: UltraXMLTV 2.1 - Movie ratings not being added description

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrettB View Post
    I forgot to ask: What kind of smart phone did you get?
    An LG Optimus One... It was basically free upgrade from my cell company... Android 2.2... just went for a drive with navigation and GPS... Made the computer voice angry when I ignored the directions... I could swear it was getting sarcastic when it said U Turn for the seventh time...
    Frank Z

    I used to ask 'why?' Now I just reinstall...
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    I was just checking this thread to see if Ultra2 is compatable with Npvr and discovered this is not a thread but more of an IM conversation capture from a few weeks back. I do hope that you do return Frank. I think your phone was speaking to you about the greater good:
    Quote Originally Posted by zehd View Post
    it said U Turn for the seventh time...
    I'll be registering tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance
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