I've been playing around with PlayOn and Universe again, and have encountered a bit of a problem. After I watch a live TV stream, like from the NBCOlympics or NASA TV plugins, an instance of MediaMallServer.exe stays at 50% CPU (i.e. 100% of 1 core on my dual core system) and makes everything else in NPVR slow and choppy. This goes on until I shut down the server from the PlayOn program, or just End-Task on the offending MediaMallServer.exe process.

Could this be a Universe bug where it doesn't properly tell PlayOn that no one is watching any more, or would this be a PlayOn bug? Have you encountered this before?

I attached the NPVR log; in this instance my wife went into Universe at 18:33:40.099, launched NASA TV for a minute, found it wasn't what she wanted (Curiousity rover mission coverage), and hit Escape. About 15-20 minutes later I went in and restarted the PlayOn server.