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Thread: [X-NEWA] Read me first

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    [X-NEWA] Read me first

    This forum is for the support of X-NEWA. If you see one of the following screens, which I call the dashboard you are using X-NEWA and to avoid confusion I hope that everyone refers to it as X-NEWA and not the the XBMC NextPVR plugin or addon which should refer to sub's excellent XBMC PVR addon

    The web client offers pretty much the complete NextPVR look and feel in XBMC using XBMC for playback

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    What is X-NEWA

    • it is a python addon for XBMC that provides access to NextPVR recordings, deletions, schedulings. search, resume logic, EPG and LiveTV via NEWA's web services and the NextPVR streaming backend.
    • it extends features of NextPVR to XBMC that aren't currently available in XBMC PVR
    • It is to XBMC what NEWA is to a browser and iNEWA to a smart phone or tablet. nDroid is slighty different

    What isn't X-NEWA

    • It is not sub's fantastic XBMC PVR addon
    • it is not fully integrated with the XBMC TV Shows and Movies database, NextPVR is the source of all metadata and art

    Why would I use X-NEWA and not sub's XMBC addon?
    • you really should try sub's plugin first
    • navigation support for recordings in progress in some platforms
    • comskip
    • transcoding playback support
    • full PVR functionality of almost all NextPVR functions in XBMC without a need for a NextPVR client
      • show and resolve conflicts when scheduling or from EPG
      • set recording priority
      • archive
      • sort recording lists
    • web client - Full NextPVR interface
    • more cover art
    • you mainly use NextPVR and NMT client and you want to share resume bookmarks.
    • you dislike the XBMC GUI.

    Why would I use XBMC and not the Windows NextPVR client?
    • you use XBMC and want a PVR
    • you want to use XBMC Audio Engine
    • you have trouble with codecs etc
    • excellent navigation in ts files small and long jumps
    • want to use your phone/tablet to control your player (big for me)
    • you want to use cheap PC. (it runs on Linux without needing $100 for Windows, also on some small Linux and Android devices, ie Pivos, RPi, FireTV.
    • Some people find XBMC playback of NextPVR recordings is more reliable than the Windows client

    How do I install XBMC and X-NEWA

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    General Usage Tips

    For the most part the key actions are self explanatory but a few keys are hidden in the EPG

    - the XBMC remote keys takes getting used to after NextPVR, I also suggest trying with a mini keyboard.
    - hit P or Play to play directly without going into the EPG
    - hit a number to enter a channel number, or Info when there are no numbers
    - hit Home or Menu to jump in EPG by days and many hours
    - returning while video is playing in the EPG will continue
    - web client doesn't support mouse or touch actions
    Here is an example of some of this
    EPG Setup
    Use Setting to configure the number of hours to show and number of columns in the guide. I like 8 rows (Row Height 55) and 3 hours (Display Interval 150)

    NextPVR newbies

    Cancel will cancel an in progress recording and
    Delete deletes a recording from disk and from the database

    Watch in-progress recordings

    If you save recording files to share you can navigate and use resume bookmarks

    You can use XBMC\s advancedsetting.xml and path substitution to your advantage to access files that you save to a C Drive or other drive paths that are shared even with linux systems

    Also Hitting Escape does not stop video Stop or X to stop

    XBMC Logs

    XBMC logs a lot of data especially in debug mode. If I need them to debug, compress and send the xbmc.log file found on you PC Note the disclaimers on the page that passwords of shares could be exposed. I probably need your npvr.db3 file but something might jump out at me in the logs.


    If you get error message on startup and you have the correct IP in setup, ensure that you have the latest versions of NextPVR, all patches and NEWA updates and compress and post all your web logs and xbmc file in a new thread here.
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    Timeshifting in X-NEWA

    This feature is only available if your LiveTV recording drive is on a share or on a local drive. Also NEWA requires VLC for timeshifting.

    To enable it go into Settings and choose the Timeshifting option. Two additional settings are used Pre-buffer and Post-Buffer (time in milliseconds) Pre-buffer determines how many seconds to write to disk before telling XBMC to play the file. If this value is too short, XBMC will simply play what it loads and stop. Post-buffer tells XBMC to wait after starting before playing. If this is too short the video will be pixelated as XBMC is generating errors trying to read idata that isn't saved yet.

    Navigation works pretty nicely with the mouse and with direct time via numpad. The seven second rewind in XBMC also works quite well. FF and RW work but the XBMC implementation is not smooth. Also when FF if you read the end of the file it will stop.

    Arrow key navigation is not like NextPVR but I found it really only useful when you have a been playing a show for a long time

    Because of the way XBMC keeps track of elapsed time, I'd recommend not using pause if you are leaving the room, let it play so the time line grows and then seek back to the time you left. Navigating the timeline over commercials after this is a lot easier.

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    Installation Quiick Notes

    How to add a plugin or repo zip file manually in XBMC

    Installation from Repository
    To install X-NEWA I find it is easiest to install this repository and then install X-NEWA from the repository itself. After that X-NEWA will automatically get update as patches are released. You can also configure XBMC to install or prompt you to install updates. I try to avoid requiring a new version on NextPVR whenever possible.

    Here are some video instructions on installing the repo and X-NEWA directly from the web

    Note that you need to configure the starting directory as repository.nextpvr.kodi-plugins if you want to install directly from

    Manual Installation

    To download the plugin itself for manual installation, the current version is available here

    Make sure your firewall is open for streaming from NextPVR on TCP port 8866.

    Auto X-NEWA

    For those not interested in the XBMC functionality it is possible to have XBMC launch X-NEWA on startup. To do that find the XBMC folder and in script.xbmc.x-newa and there edit the file addon.xml and change <!--extension point="xbmc.service" library="" start="startup"></extension--> to <extension point="xbmc.service" library="" start="startup"></extension>
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    To use comskip in x-newa for recording you need to run from a share not http. Here is a note from dgeezer on how he got it working, You will need to configure the From and To according to your setup. Also Windows clients may need back slash in the From. It is also case sensitive.

    Here is a copy of a simple advancedsettings.xml from my fire tv.


    Here is the wiki page for this:

    Also the userdata location varies based on the os of your hardware see here:

    This was enough to get comskip working in X-newa.
    Also you probably want to tweak comskip if you don't want to cut commerials In comskip.ini use edl_skip_field=3
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