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Thread: 2.5.5 Compatible?

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    2.5.5 Compatible?

    Well, I think so - just need to reassurance.

    NEWA 1.3.0 is in the wiki, says 2.5.5 or higher. I want to stay on 2.5.5 until 2.5.9 gets some fixes.

    Will X-NEWA work okay in this configuration if I update 2.5.5's NEWA to the latest?

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    X-NEWA was working with 2.5.5 so it's hard to say. You can try renaming the web folder, unzip NEWA 1.30 and try after restarting the recording service.

    From recollection:

    - playback of recordings directly won't work, you'll need either the same drive letter, sharename or advancedsetttings.xml setting
    - you will need to remove this strings from +"&client=XNEWA-"+hex(mac)
    - updating recurring recordings will probably not work.


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