i had a big post written out explaining stuff, but at the end of the day its tiring and kinda pointless.

im not trying to piss anyone off, if you guys dont want this ill just pack my bag and leave. if you do want a newer web console which is community driven and open source can we just stop all this fighting and move forward?

im not stopping anyone helping out with this console, im just trying to give it clear direction and focus it. its early days and im more worried about getting the core of it right than to complicate the interface with halved baked features.

my goals are
- API at core which every client communicates via the same way, so code is reused and solid (no duplication or variations of behaviour)
- latest technologies so runs on all device, desktops, tablets, phones, xbmc
- visually appealing and professional.
- fully headless system
- extremely stable

at the end of the day its up to the community as to what they want.