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Thread: NextPVR Web console to replace NEWA one day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jksmurf View Post
    Just an interested user perspective. I almost "exclusively" use NEWA
    +1 except I use it for my manual recordings too and I use the css version.


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    just a quick note.

    as a long GBPVR / NextPvr user around the house and on the move.

    Change is difficult I agree, I waited about a year before upgrading to Nextpvr.
    However after getting used to the new interface I now do like.

    Considering it still runs on the same old windows XP box!!!, i just keep sticking bigger hard drives in it.

    I will be interested in this new web console app, i know in the past sub had made some changes to the newa which i use on an hourly basis.

    So when i find a window to upgrade, between program recordings, I'll let you know.

    PS I code in Dot Net 2 and 4

    Thankyou in advanced

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