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    Except for some very bold statements, it is still unclear what extra functionality would be brought to us by this new web console other than a tech revamp… For now, I just can’t imagine a normal household benefiting from a multi-user configuration, unless of course as an admin you are taping some very explicit scenes on the discovery channel and you want to hide this from the eyes of the younger family members. Personally, I am quite satisfied with the functionality, stability and continued (!) support of NPVR/NEWA…

    Having said that, one should always keep an open mind towards new technology if it offers new functionality… We had to stretch the IUI framework already to offer the current functionality of iNEWA, and if we are talking of new stuff, which has actually been requested in the community like:
    1. Streaming of recordings/life television/time-shift to iPhone
    2. iPhone based WIFI remote control of NPVR
    3. etc…

    indeed one should probably look into new frameworks like jQuery Mobile… However, much also depends on the API offered on the back-end and as stated before, I could not see a lot of major break-troughs on the mobile side. If there would be, I am happy to test/help out where possible.

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