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Thread: Comskip wiki page clarification

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    Comskip wiki page clarification

    On the Comskip wiki page, the install directory is recommended to be "C:\comskip\" but the batch file in the Usage section seems to assume that you installed it in "C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts".

    Unless I misunderstand what that page is telling me, newbs who try to get this working by cutting and pasting (i.e. me), using the recommended install location, are going to have trouble.

    Would someone who is knowledgeable about Comskip + NPVR review that page and make the recommendations match the examples, and maybe add any more info that might be helpful?

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    Good catch, fixed.

    The general advice is to avoid installing in subdirs that may get overwritten after a reinstall, so using a stand-alone subdir for comskip is safest.
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