Hopefully this is something that won't be hard to implement. I'd like to be able to configure a base URL in the web console so I can set up IIS URL rewrite/reverse proxy on my home server to enable external access through a sub folder without needing to open up another port on my router.

For example locally on my network I would like to be able to access the web console on http://server:8877/npvr/
Then externally I'd be access through https://public.address.com/npvr/

I've already got this set up for sickbeard, sabnzbd, couchpotato and utorrent and it works quite well and in addition I can use built in IIS authentication so I only need a single login for all services. For all of these program's you can configure a "urlbase" (except for utorrent but as it has a fixed base of "gui" I can still work with it). Being able to do this with NextPVR/Wb Console with be great.