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Thread: nDroid (TE) - Tablet Edition released, testers needed

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    nDroid (TE) - Tablet Edition released, testers needed

    I've uploaded nDroid (TE) to Google Play. Please, however, see the "note" on the next line (the one in bold capitals )...

    NOTE: I built nDroid (TE) to support only large and x-large screens which means if you have a screen less than 5-6 inches it probably won't show up in Google Play for your device...I just wanted to clarify that to start with. I intend to support smaller screens in future but for the moment I've stuck with larger screens.

    I'm looking for testers and feedback. The main goal is to redesign the nDroid UI to make better use of the larger screens on tablets but also to use some of the newer Android features.

    And now the doesn't work, or at least not in the sense that the current release version of nDroid works. At the moment nDroid (TE) is mainly just a design idea which is why I need the feedback.

    A brief overview...

    It's a completely separate app from the current nDroid version and can be installed without problems on a device which has the current nDroid version. It does need v1.8.8 of the nDroid Service, however. Available from the nDroid (TE) wiki page. Install the new service before trying to use nDroid (TE).

    The top right of the nDroid (TE) screen shows various tabs for navigating the different views...
    • TV Guide: Only the 7 day TV guide has been implemented and it's not yet possible to set/cancel recordings or watch TV.
    • Recordings: Top left tabs appear for Recurring, Ready, What's New and Pending. Change the view by selecting the tab or simply swiping the screen. It's not yet possible to watch any recordings however.
    • Media: Similar to Recordings, selectable tabs top left but also swiping works between Videos and Music. The Media views actually do work as they use the same code as the current nDroid version.
    • Search: Currently disabled and under construction.

    Second will possibly behave erratically and will probably crash from time to time.

    In saying that, however, I would be grateful for any and all feedback with respect to UI design, in particular for ideas for layout of the Now/Next and All Timeslots TV Guide views (which I haven't figured out yet). Also any other ideas.

    Thread for feedback etc can be found here nDroid (TE) feedback

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