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Thread: ImageGrabLite Feature Request

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    ImageGrabLite Feature Request

    I've recently been trying to replace what I believe is a dying NMT device. I've been using GB/NPVR for many years, and have used it exclusively with clients. Given the relatively recent introduction of XBMC support, and the release of the raspberry pi devices, I purchased 3 raspberry pi's about 6 months ago and have been trying to implement a suitable solution using NPVR as a back end PVR device. I would really like to use the XBMC TV shoe features of XBMC, and have been playing with a centralized SQL media database installed on the PVR server.

    My current solution is to run a redundant XBMC instance on the server with a plugin that monitors the recordings directories and updated the database. I was wondering if ImageGrabLite could be modified to update the XBMC media database directly.

    Thanks for your consideration.
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    Unfortunately with the XBMC MySQL design in Frodo the clients still need to download their own art so from a time savings perspective it's not that great a solution. I did consider it because scanning on clients is slow. You can try triggering the scan with json in post processing to avoid the polling.

    RasPlex might be better for your needs if you don't need comskip.


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