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Thread: nDroid (TE) Beta Testers Google Group

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    nDroid (TE) Beta Testers Google Group

    Google recently added a feature to the Android Developers console which allows publishing pre-release versions of apps in parallel to public releases. Admittedly nDroid TE is very much Beta code (albeit in public Beta) but it would be useful to have a small-ish group of volunteers to help test things between public releases.

    How it works...

    I've published a test version on Google Play and associated it with the nDroid (TE) Beta Testers Google Group. Only the members of that group who choose to opt-in to testing will be able to see / install the test version from the Play Store, everybody else will continue to see the current public release.

    Who / What I need...

    • People who are prepared to commit a small amount of time when I upload pre-release versions. That might be once or twice a week or every other week.
    • Suggestions, feedback, bug/crash reports. Comments on what does/doesn't work, what you like, what you don't like.

    How to participate...

    1. Go to the nDroid (TE) Beta Testers group
    2. If you're not already signed in to your Google account then do so then request to join the group. Membership is restricted so I'll need to approve the request.
    3. Once approved, go to the group and follow the link in the first post which will take you to a page where you can opt-in as a tester.

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