OK. Well here it is... I'm making it official.

ZTools, ZProcess, ZTranscode has been done for a very long time now. Many new people might be going "ZEE-What???" and that's cool.

But for the handful of users still using UltraXMLTV I have to say, I'm giving up.

I really only ever coded anything, because I wanted a functionality that I didn't think existed. Or it was to streamline something that existed, but I thought was far too convoluted. Or I wanted to make it more fun...

I haven't been using ZTools for ever, Though I manually transcode a file here or there.

Ultra has been faithfully plowing away for me every night for that last few years, with only the couple of hiccups that anyone could tolerate. But I haven't been really using it. I haven't been recording TV off broadcast in over a couple of years, and haven't needed to look at my Guide.

Only recently did it dawn on me, that the 'season and episode number' feature wasn't working for me at all. And I didn't know where it broke...

And as I was stumbling through my old code, looking, I thought.. well... what was this all about anyway...

Well, It all started when I wanted to catch three shows that were being broadcast at the same time, I wanted to catch them all, and had only one VCR. I heard about this thing called GBPVR and well I was hooked.. Asking so many questions -- I knew full well people answering me were holding back snarls; Learning enough so I could answer a few of others' questions; and started writing documentation.

Fast forward almost 7 years, and I must say that I had a fabulous time. This forum truly is the absolutely safest place to be a newbie, and a wonderful community to share ideas. I learned a lot. and much time was passed...

I will not be removing any pages for documentation or my software. Do with it as you will.

WHurlston has been gracious enough to have given me space on his site EPGtools. That site is referenced by some of my software. But for the moments when it acts like a Neutrino (gone for a second, and then back into existence :-) ), Ultra should still work for those that it works for. For those that can't get it installed, well good luck (I would only reference my own docs and reiterate them).

I will not be cancelling my account. I was called back recently to answer a few questions easily enough. However, I'm not sure I will be of much use.

To all, new and old, the best of futures and/or alternate realities... Peace !

PS... Thanks Sub... it was fun