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Thread: Displayed time 1 hour out now we're in "summer time"

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    Aha, eureka found my app time server EPG problem.
    For one reason or another I've changed the time settings of the TV (UE46ES8000) to something else but AUTO, i.e. manual settings for timezone and DST settings. As a result I never got the app EPG listings correct with the app NPVR server time = ON. When however I put all TV time settings on AUTO and leave the app NPVR time server settings = ON, the next day everything was displayed correctly as well for TV clock as EPG listings. My wild guess is that the app EPG listing has difficulties to calculate manual TV time settings together with the NPVR time server value (wrong offset calculation).
    Once I've put everything for TV clock time to AUTO and App timer server to ON, the problem solved itself.

    PS: I'm still very interrested to see how the app EPG listings work out once we come to the next DST shift in October later this year, leaving all settings for clock & time retrieval = AUTO.


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    thanks, I'll see if I can reproduce it using the info you provided. If I can reproduce it, I can fix it

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