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Thread: Archive a Series and/or Batch of Shows in recordings from root menu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunpatrick77 View Post
    Being able to archive (ie move) an entire series in one hit rather than by each individual recording would be great feature for me as well
    Instead of accomplishing this in the program itself, I wonder if this could be accomplished with a new webpage in NEWA classic using the archive function and a gridview with select checkmarks, selecting more than 1 episodes and designating a destination location?

    Maybe even a batch script where it asks for the folder name/location (of the series), the destination folder and selects all video's in that series folder and then runs the archive function on each video?

    Does anyone know if the command line has an archive option? I have a script that looks in a folder, finds the video, creates a list of the video files then runs a CMD command on each one. Before I got MCEBuddy 2 I used this to find older TS files that were recorded before I got MCEBuddy and then ran them through Handbrake. Maybe this could be adapted to come up with something as a plugin. If NPVR has an "archive" command line function, I can adapt my batch script, test it and share it here.

    I can't do anything with ASPX if that has a viable chance...

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    Just a thought but the old files plugin allows you to move to directory to another location but I have no idea if it still works with the latest version of NextPVR.

    Files plugin is intended to:

    run external commands with a selected file/directory as an argument,
    move a file/directory to predefined locations and update the NPVR database accordingly.
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    Yes I updated the Files Plugin to work with NextPVR and you can multiply select files It will move or archive files too. Archive uses the NextPVR mechanism which means the recording services actually does the move so NextPVR doesn't block the copy. I don't use it (i used tagging in x-newa) and the rewrite died from lack of interest on everyone's part.


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    I'd still like to see the original request included in NPVR please.

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