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Thread: DVR Aplication

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    Post DVR Aplication

    Dear Forum Members,

    Greetings, to all forum members,

    I am first time joining you.

    I have DVR systems which I want to monitor all sites cameras centrally.

    I searched internet and found that GVPVR is an application which is free and standard for most of the DVR systems in MS Windows 7.

    I am totally new in this field so I need experts help.

    Kindly help and advice ASAP

    Thanks and best regards

    Noor Hasan

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    GBPVR hasn't been available for a several years now. It was replaced by NextPVR about 6 years ago. Neither of these are great for recording cameras. They're really about live tv, and tuners. You'd be better off with some other app for that purpose.

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