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Thread: Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD PCIe

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    On a intel nuc or Lenovo windows stick you can install NextPVR, and configure it to 'act as a client'.

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    for those of you that just acquired a quad card - do you find the pc more responsive with the the internal card vs the USB tuner? is the cpu load lower/higher may be another question when 1 tuner is playing live tv or a recording?

    I ask as I am using a low end Pentium J3710 cpu. The whole unit only uses about 9W of power when recording and almost nothing on standby with a USB tuner. The cpu shows as using 30-39% and the GPU 20% playing Live tv.

    I tried asking Hauppauge whether to expect more or less load with one tuner playing on a quad card but they would not commit themselves to an answer.
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