I'm not sure how this plugin is actually supposed to work and needed some help.

I copied the dvdlist folder and programs on my root c drive.
I put the skins and plugin in the right spots in the gbpvr directory.
I doubleclicked on the "htmlgui.exe" file and registered.
I enabled the plugin in the gbpvr config application.

Does the xerces-c_2_3_0.dll have to be in the plugins directory?

The "mydvd.xml" file has 4 movies in there and they do show up properly in gbpvr.

How do I get more movies in there automatically or is this a manual thing? After opening the htmlgui.exe file, what do I do next? I was hoping it would just download from imdb.com.

I read through posts and saw people saying to change from the us. prefix to the www. prefix which I don't understand where exactly to do this.

Do I need to have other plugins also to use this? I'm using "my pictures" plugin and "my videos" already.

Thanks for your help

By the way, I think gb-pvr is incredible. My whole family is amazed at how well everything works. My problem now is that I'm running out of hard drive space because I use it so much.