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Thread: Recording service not running

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    Recording service not running

    Would it be possible for NextPVR to check if the recording service is running prior to the recording time, and if not for the recording service to start.

    I'm not sure if this is possible to do, but could the tray icon process do this perhaps as right clicking on the tray icon does give the option to restart the recording process.

    I thought that if a tv show/film/whatever was due to start at 12pm, and it had a 1 minute padding to the start, then a process could check if the recording process was running at 11:58am and if it was running for it to make an attempt to restart it. This shouldn't affect programs that are currently recording as the recording process must be running for those programs to be recording.

    This should stop the errors of "Recording service not running at recording time".

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    A simple batch file that runs before recordings or (say) every five minutes would solve this problem. But it would be neater if it were included...
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    having some sort of "recording service watchdog" on the system tray app isn't a bad idea, but why isn't your recording service running at recording time in the first place? better to solve the root of the problem.
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