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Thread: Why Do People Upgrade to Windows 10?

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    I upgraded all my systems to W10 because it offers the best Windows security. It's also been solid as a rock, whether on my desktop, two laptops and the PVR. No problems at all. The servers run Linux & FreeBSD of course, though...


    Windows 7 is become painful to update and crashes more on NEW machines.

    Native nvme support and other newer tech

    Faster, leaner

    Native spyware

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    Probably support is the main reason. Stick with the newer versions, drivers are being developed, updates are being applied, it's in support. It's just easier. Of course that's once the initial upgrade pain is done.

    You don't want to upgrade too early (no drivers etc), but it's easier than sticking with older versions.

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    In windows 10, your computer won't have to download a larger package. Microsoft says UUP can reduce the download size of Windows updates by up to 35 percent, sparing storage space on your computer and the time it takes to install updates.

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    Exclamation Support for Windows 7 is ending

    Luckily we now have to download feature update every 6 months.

    This also seems familiar:
    Some users who wanted Microsoft to provide an official port of the Windows Media Center for Windows 10 created two petitions and sent thousands of requests to Microsoft via their Windows Feedback app included with Windows 10.
    It's not cheap to get CableCARD certified which is what this would take...
    • Cable (and satellite) companies have fought and will continue to fight every attempt to make it easier to watch, record and manipulate live TV without renting their boxes and using their proprietary systems.

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