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Thread: Thwarting a PIN in My Videos 3.0

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    Thwarting a PIN in My Videos 3.0

    I inadvertently found a way to remove a PIN from a video in My Videos 3.0 that probably isn't an intentional feature. When a video has a pin set the user, without supplying the PIN, still has access to rename of the file from within My Videos, and once renamed, the PIN disappears.

    I'm thinking with a PIN set the user probably shouldn't be able to do much to it without supplying the PIN, and even when they do and decide to rename the video, it shouldn't clear the PIN on it.


    P.S. Thanks for the great tip about .link files! If that's documented somewhere I'm sorry that I missed it. Nice feature!

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    ok ive fixed this for the next version, the pins werent ever meant to be that secure, just keep kids out from accessing stuff they shouldnt

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