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Thread: External Streaming

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    External Streaming

    I'm trying to get external streaming going, I have external set to true in the config-web.xml, i can login to NEWA and get the main page, but if i click on 'Now' for Live TV there is nothing to click on, I see this in the logs:

    16-09-22 15:17:31.835	[INFO][4]	checking incoming API call for sid query string
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.835	[INFO][4]	sid query string not found: 
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.835	[INFO][4]	checking for external access permission
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	!!! Overide for external access to REST API found via NPVR Allow Remote Access API setting..  Allowing external access for validated clients.  !!!
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	!!! Cleint IP:
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	Using IP4 Address:
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	Invalid Auto Login Network Detected
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	 
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.836	[INFO][4]	Internal network not detected. Validating client for external authentication.
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.837	[INFO][4]	!!! External access detected and no sid query string was passed in on the method call.
    2016-09-22 15:17:31.837	[INFO][4]
    I've xxx'd out the IP address
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