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Thread: Works great at home, but I connot get it to work remotely.

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    Hey guys. I read your conversation over the last couple weeks regarding the remote access issue. I just downloaded the app today and after setting up port forwarding, I was able to login to my channels remotely via my DDNS, using correct pin. For a while there, I was having the same problems as others that were mentioned in previous posts when trying to connect remotely via the iphone app: blank screen, no channels after login, and the app would crash when trying to access the guide. As it turns out, I finally found the problem. After solving it, I was able to login successfully and watch my channels remotely. Here is the process I used.

    Open the NPVR program (I have win 10)>right click to select SETTINGS>click CLIENTS. Once there, make sure that "Enable web server" is checked, make sure the port is the default port (8866), and then choose a pin at the bottom (you'll use the same pin when setting up the server info in the iphone app). Lastly make sure that "Allow remote access" is checked, and click "Ok", then close NPVR. Now on to port forwarding:

    Every router will have a different specific setup, but basically make sure that your router is set up to properly port forward the nextpvr default port (8866). I used TCP/UDP for the port type. The internal IP for the forwarding will be the LAN ip address of the machine that is running your nextpvr program-most likely a 192.168.1.x configuration.

    Once you know NextPVR is setup correctly and your ports are forwarded properly, RESTART THE COMPUTER.

    I had almost everything done correctly from the get go except for one little thing. Where I went wrong was when I opened the iphone app and pressed "Add", the window that pops up has a place to type the ip address and a place to type the PIN! My issue was that I typed the port #, not the pin. I guess because I had been so primed during the setup processes to type the ip address followed by the port #, when that setup screen popped up, I automatically typed the ddns and the port number, not the correct pin. I know...embarassing.... So, the app was using the proper port-forwarded ddns/ip address and was trying to connect, but had the wrong pin required to actually sign in. I suppose, for me, this was more of an error made due to human factors. Anyways, after I had typed the proper pin (the pin that matched my nextpvr settings), it signed me in remotely with no issues. Every part of the app worked flawlessly! 100% worth the 6.99!

    Before this app, I was using the WinTV Extend app that came with my hauppauge tuner card in order to watch my channels remotely. It worked for a time, but I think they stopped providing updates to the app as iPhone iOS updates came out. All in all, that app was pretty buggy, too. I am extremely happy with the new one. Thanks be to the developer!

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    Yah I got mine working by just simply making sure the pin was set correctly. such a simple oversight, but now I know.

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