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Thread: UpdateEPG Batch File for Using GuidePlus

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    UpdateEPG Batch File for Using GuidePlus

    I've searched and searched and can't find the answers. Want to use GuidePlus to create an augmented .xml listings file. Need help with the following statements in my UpdateEPG batch file:

    empty the EPG
    update the EPG (including time of day to do it)
    invoke XMLTV to download listings as an XML file from Schedules Direct (I have downloaded XMLTV from SourceForge)
    invoke GuidePlus.exe to create an augmented .xml listings file
    format for GuidePlus statements
    point to the augmented .xml file when configuring sources in the NextPVR settings dialog

    Hopefully the answers will get me a long ways towards completing this task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWCowling323 View Post
    Want to use GuidePlus to create an augmented .xml listings file.
    Firstly, GuidePlus is old and may no longer work.

    Secondly, many of the functions of GuidePlus are now available in other ways. For example, the built-in NextPVR Guide now displays series and episode numbers and adds the series and episode number to the file name of the recording. Plus, have you tried the TV Listings plugin to see if this gives you what you want?

    If you tell us the functions of GuidePlus that you want, we may be able to direct you toward another way of getting the same result.

    Many folk use the Auto Update EPG at Settings --> Misc2 to auto run the EPG update. NextPVR runs the updateepg.bat (if it exists) before it performs the EPG update. The .bat file is where you will put your command to download listings from SD and create an .xml file followed by executing guideplus to update the .xml file.. The .bat file will contain two commands ... the first is to execute the xmltv program and the second is to execute the guideplus program.

    NerxtPVR will also run the updateepg.bat before an epg update initiated manually from Settings --> Channels.

    Please read the paragraph under the heading Tips at ... ... because the batch file does not run under your usual user account and not in the folder that you might be expecting.

    A simplified updateepg.bat (where you have created a folder at C:\EPG to contain your .xml file and your xmltv and guideplus .exe files) might be

    xmltv.exe tv_grab_sd_json blah blah
    guideplus.exe xmlin="name of file created by xmltv program" xmlout="new file name" blah blah
    I can't see that there is anything remarkable about the guideplus parameters ... trial and error should get you there ... I expect that the < and > and [ and ] characters shown in the wiki are there to show that <> parameters are compulsory and [] parameters are optional. I expect that the <> and [] are not required in the command line.

    The filename at xmlout in the guideplus command line is the file name that you would specify at Settings --> Channels for each channel.
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