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Thread: No MPEG2 Video Decoder = "disabled" - can't watch OTA TV

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    No MPEG2 Video Decoder = "disabled" - can't watch OTA TV

    Looking for a "Delete this post" option but don't see it; I reposted this question to SUPPORT - so want to kill this one

    I've had a good time setting up NextPVR for the first time UNTIL I got to the decoder settings page.
    I read the manual and scanned the existing posts and couldn 't find a solution.

    I can set Video Decoder to H.264 = Microsoft DTD-DVD Video Decoder, HOWEVER, all I get for MPEG2 Video is "Disabled." When I try to watch a TV station in the Guide (I use an antenna for OTA stations) I get an error message that a MPEG2 decoder needs to be selected. I am using a NVIDIA GeForce FT 730 card connected to my Denon AVR4806 receiver for video via HDMI. How do I set up a MPEG2 decoder? I clicked on "Missing decoders ... download LAV..." but nothing happens. Video renderer is set to EVG - but changing that does not solve the absence of a choice for a MPEG2 video decoder.

    THANK YOU for anything you can do to help me get past this roadblock.
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