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Thread: NEWA web interface protocol issues?

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    NEWA web interface protocol issues?

    I'm pretty new to the Kodi/XBMC scene and recently built a box with all the latest versions of software. Kodi Jarvis running nextPVR 3.8.3

    I'm failing in getting the NEWA web-browser interface to open on any browser (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) inside my local network using https://localhost:8866/guide.aspx. The failure indicates the following: uses unsupported protocol or cipher suite such as RC4 which isn't considered secure.

    I'm pretty sure the issue is on the NEWA end and not the browser because I've tried the above 3 without success. I've also tried to change the port to something that isn't 8866 without success. Port forwarding is also not giving me different results. I believe there isn't an issue with the firewall, but more of a protocol inconsistency between the latest browers and the NEWA web configuration?

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    Why are you trying HTTPS on an HTTP server?


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    Yeah, it's not https. The url is

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