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Thread: What AMD Graphics Driver are people using now a Year after Crimson Release?

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    What AMD Graphics Driver are people using now a Year after Crimson Release?

    Since I got the HTPC in 2008 I have been using AMD Graphics. First onboard HD3200, followed by HD5600 when we went HD and when that went pop a HD7700 which is an excellent card for an HTPC.

    All of this time I have always used the latest drivers from AMD, beta when available - until this year.
    When the Crimson drivers came out a year ago, I installed them, only to find most of the video settings had gone, the picture quality was poorer and there was no way to get deinterlacing

    I found a work around, which was to install the last Beta Catalyst Suite then install the driver only from Device Manager. Unfortunately around May June this year AMD managed to close this loophole and I was forced to go back to Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta which is where I now appear to be stuck.

    I was thinking of updating my other PC's Graphics Card (HD4780) but this driver issue is a big problem as recent Cards require the Crimson Driver and Nvidia Cards still seem a bit pricey.

    Anybody got any work around for the Crimson Problem? What are you using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lao Pan View Post
    Nvidia Cards still seem a bit pricey ... What are you using?
    I have used Nvidia fanless cards for ten years without incident ... Currently ... ... and there are plenty of other "710" cards.

    My source is all DVB-T and DVB-T2

    Edit: I have just noticed my out of date signature ... For years, I used ...

    I only changed to the 710 because it was the end of the tax year and ...
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    I had stability problems with the Crimson, so I "uninstalled" all the AMD stuff (yes, there are lingering bits...) and installed Catalyst 15.7.1
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    Whatever the last version was that supported my HD5450 (and its replacement an HD6450). Old, but working

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