I'm still using MediaPortal with DJBlu's custom code to allow scanning of Sky TV NZ that automatically adds and remove channels between a defined range of channel numbers.

I would like to suggest that perhaps NextPVR could have this functionality added so that the user can define a range e.g. LCN 1 > 900 (reason for this is that Sky and other providers may have test channels that you want to exlcude) which the system will then scan for and add or remove channels that have changed within this range, this could have a user defined interval to determine how often this can occur.

In addition, having an SD/HD/Both toggle would allow the user to determine whether they want HD, SD or both versions of the channels added.

This would effectively give NextPVR the autoupdate options that many STBs have and allow the system to react to changes in channels; e.g. in New Zealand Sky often put pop-up channels in place that disappear once an event or holiday has ended.

Many thanks for this consideration.