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Thread: Quickly find place/skip ads with binary chop

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    My comment was related to the UK where it seems that broadcasters make it very difficult to detect any difference between adverts and the programme!

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    Re "binary chop" and other names: this name is so totally unimportant that it's not worth more than a comment. I've known and used the term for years, and very often come across it; it's quite descriptive and useful. Maybe it tends to be used in Britain but not other countries? Google finds a couple of hundred hits for < intitle:"binary chop">.

    In Wikipedia I found that "Binary chop" has since 2005 redirected to "Binary search algorithm", so added the term to the article, as I usually do in such cases. I find "chop" useful and self-explanatory, bit don't have any strong feelings about the word.
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