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Thread: Newb here: Can someone help with a Plex Plugin issue?

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    Newb here: Can someone help with a Plex Plugin issue?

    hi! I am new to the nextpvr and plex worlds and I am trying to get the 2 to play nicely.

    I have been successful in setting up both on it's own, but for some reason when I try to play anything from within Plex, I get transcoder errors and nothing works.

    LiveTV works fine thru the nextpvr :8866 address...

    Anyone have any ideas? I have attached logs and hope that I am not asking dumb questions lol

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    I had a similar issue a while back when my Plex Media Server updated, from memory the solution was to find the .TS file that's being created on the NextPVR and add it to one of your Plex Media Server libraries so that you can play the .TS file from within Plex. Once I'd played a .TS file "manually" this way the transcoding of LiveTV worked fine from that point on.

    I now keep a .TS file to hand on my NAS in case the problem rears it's head again!

    Hopefully this helps.


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