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Thread: Sony tv with Android

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    Sony tv with Android

    Got me a new Sony tv with Android built in.
    loaded kodi added xnewa Wow works great
    Read a few reviews that said the Android built-in didn't play all content well I haven't found anything yet that npvr records that it won't play.
    Even handles the pvr addon well

    Best tv I have owned by a mile
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    oh, that's what I would've really wanted, but the Sony android TV's are the more expensive ones... the cheaper sony smart tv's use their other (older?) smart tv platform. even hunting the open-box deals, I couldn't find a sony android I could afford. Just last night I traded up to a LG 50" 4k UHD/HDR TV with webOS 3.0 for $320 (clearance and open-box of course). Seems to be a fantastic TV, much nicer than the Samsung 48" J5200 I returned.

    I know the android hardware in the Sony isn't the same as what's in my Nexus Player, BUT I have found Kodi 17 to be unusable on my Nexus Player (issues with MPEG decoding and de-interlacing). I've gone back to 16.1 and turned off auto-updates. Assuming you're not already running Kodi 17, I suggest you join the kodi beta program ( so you can try the Kodi 17 RC3 and see if all is well... if not you can just leave the beta program, then uninstall 17 and re-install it to get 16.1 back. That way you wont have to mess with side-loading 16.1 later when the play store has only 17.
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